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Cheap websites

I am available for making all types of websites.I am expert in WordPress and SEO.
I am available for companies and website users on cheap rates.

I am offering competent rates for high quality websites that other web developers would not offer. However these cheap rates are temporary and for short period of time. You can avail of this golden offer.
Basic Website (Dynamic or static)
Rs 5999
$ 57

Corporate or business website
Rs 9999
$ 95

eCommer websites
Rs 15000
$ 143
Common features of websites
1-Custom header image
2-Custom Logo
3-Custom Favicon
4-Google Map
5-Contact or Feedback Form
6-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
7-Mobile Friendly
8-Good Readability
9-Linked with Facebook and Twitter Accounts
10-Social Media Share Buttons
11-A Grade score on Website Grader
12-WhatsApp call and message button
13-Ready to call button


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