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I am here as a freelance web developer

Hi, everybody, I am a freelance web developer and designer. I have full command in web pages creating languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I am expert in making websites on the leading CMS platform of WordPress. Furthermore, I can use well-known web editors like Adobe Dreamweaver and Notepad++ effectively.

Besides web designing skills, I can create eye-catching new graphics. In addition to it, I can work with old images. It helps me to improve their appearance. Mostly I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make or edit images.
Now I enlist my skills as a freelance web developer and designer for your kind consideration.

Content management system

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As I have said earlier that I can use WordPress properly. It helps me to develop dynamic websites. I am skillful in making websites based on WordPress. These include eCommerce websites like online stores. Secondly, I am expert in making businesses websites like real estate sites. Thirdly, school management system is my another expertise. Lastly, I am expert in making blogs and portfolio websites.

Static websites development skills

As the stats show that the static websites are still popular. That is why I keep my HTML and CSS fresh and updated. These two languages are crucial to creating static websites.

The involvement of SEO in web


Naturally, every website owner wishes his website reach the maximum people. He enjoys when more and more people read his pages. His final desire is a successful business deal. However, this desire can be satisfied by using a special technique. As a freelance web developer, I have acquired full command in optimizing the web pages for all search engines. Further, I testify all my pages for SEO standard. I do not rely on a single tool available so far. I test every page on at least four leading online tools.These are NEILPATEL, Website Grader, and Nibbler

Content writing skills

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The soul of a web page is its content. I have a deep understanding of using the SEO friendly content. My written content qualifies all the standards set by Google. Here I would share two things with you as a freelance web developer. Firstly, the difficult words never generate good content. Secondly, it must contain simple and easy words. Thirdly,   the sentences must be short. The people who are familiar with the know-how of content writing know this fact.

Graphic designing

No doubt, web development, and graphic designing are two different skills. A freelance web developer and designer designs the layout of web pages. Then he gives style to the layout. Lastly, he makes it interactive. His training is based on web development and designing languages. Definitely he knows, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP.

He has nothing to do with graphic designing. In fact, a graphic designer creates and modifies the images. He creates images not only to make the pages attractive but relevant to the content. A single image can convey the message that a thousand words can not.

After all, why have I learned photo editing skills? Firstly, I know the need the of the desired image for a particular content. Secondly, if I have to engage a graphic designer I have to pay extra charges. Consequently, the cost per page would rise.It would put more financial burden on the client. That’s why I have got training in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I can create and edit high-quality images for websites. It fortifies my freelance web development skills.

Code Validation and color scheme

I always check the codes in W3C code validator. After tha, I evaluate the color scheme. These two validators help to improve the standard of the site.


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What can I do for you as a freelance web developer?

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